Monday, February 8, 2010


I have had multiple conversations lately with Christians who struggle with the lie that they are not good enough for ministry. They feel like someone else must be better equipped to do the job that they are being called to do. College students directing summer camps, young women mentoring youth, and youth leading younger youth seem to feel much like Moses did when God sent him to lead the Israelites against Pharaoh. Sometimes we do not recognize the lie and we stumble over it repetitively and let it hold us back.
A few weeks ago, I went snowboarding nearby in New Hampshire. My first run down the mountain, I did pretty well. My second run, however, was terrible. I fell forward onto bruising knees over and over again. I could not stay up. Each fall pulled my self-esteem and confidence lower and lower. I wanted to quit. I was embarrassed and frustrated. Then, while I was resting, my friend pointed out that I had forgotten to buckle the metal clip that attached my board to my boot. The clip had been swinging under the front lip of my board. I buckled it and got up to test myself. I did not fall a single time the rest of the way down the mountain! That measley clip had been causing every fall.
The fault for my falls went not to my muscles or to my ability. It went to a silly oversight that effected my whole performance. My unbuckled clip can be compared to lies from Satan. We need to put our confidence in the Lord and know that He will guide us and equip us and use us regardless of our own short-comings. The temptation to believe that we are insufficient comes from the liar.

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Gail said...

I like your comparison. It's so true. We don't always recognize when Satan's lying to us even when others can see it so clearly.