Saturday, January 30, 2010

Betty Botter Baked Bread & Snacked on Sesame Seeds by the Sea Shore

No, I don't know Betty Botter; I just wanted to combine two tongue twisters. Today, a woman-friend taught me the art of mixing, kneading, braiding, baking, and glazing homemade wheat & sesame seed bread. I felt like a 1940s housewife. Her whole adorable house smelled of firewood and bread dough. During rising and baking intervals,the two of us chatted and played with her chubby cats around her old potbelly fireplace.
I left her house as the horizon was turning baby-blanket pink. I turned left instead of homeward right and drove until I could see nothing but wet rocks and sky ahead of me. I pulled into a pebble parking lot and took in the view. If the sky were the dome of the Pantheon, then the oculus was periwinkle, the walls were pink, and the line between the two colors was as distinct as Vespasian's bald spot. The moon made me think of the firefly-filled crystal ball from Prince John's purple-curtained chariot in Disney's Robin Hood. ( That may be because I had Oo-de-lally Oo-de-lally Golly What a Day stuck in my head this morning. Anyway, the moon was ginormous and bright! It hovered over the ocean that had regurgitated it a few minutes before. The pacific will swallow it back up in the morning. The water reflected the sky's soft tones aside from the foam which shone like neon in the moonlight. The waves lapped and splashed on the darkening rocks and I sat for a few minutes in my car and ate sesame seed bread while I watched the night fall.

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Gail said...

What a great ending for a fun day-a beautiful sunset and homemade bread!!!!