Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady, you are a treasure.

My sister-in-law wrote this. I love it :).

“The Father’s Love”

A Father gently strokes the head of his young child, her eyes gazing up into his. “All the world is for you”, he tells her. “Every mountain is so that you may be close to the heavens, every brook to reflect your beauty, every star to shine your brightness. The trees dance to your songs in the wind; their leaves soften your footsteps. The sweetest nectarine is nothing compared to the sweetness of your soul. Your grandeur is captivated by the first day of spring. The strength of all the oceans combined is no match for the endurance your spirit possesses. The purest silver tarnishes in your presence. You are a prized jewel, a diamond among rocks. All will be impressed by your beauty.”

Many, however, will see it and plan evil plots, for they cannot withstand the goodness you emit. In disguises they will knock on your door, seducing with false promises. They hunger to steal every delicate piece of your precious heart and destroy it, for they gain pleasure from a woman’s pain. Empty and hopeless, these victimized women turn hard and cold. Too fearful of experiencing the agony they had felt before, they shut their hearts to the world and to themselves, living a life without love.”

You will not fall for such disaster, for I will save you when you call upon me. I will carry you when you are weak. I will be the burning fire that keeps you warm on a barren night, and the lighthouse whose light beckons you to shore when you are lost at sea. The meadows whisper my adoration of you, the lilies my affection. One day a worthy man will come for your hand. He will bring you much happiness and love, and you will give to him everything except that which belongs to me; there will always be a sacred place for me in your heart and you in mine. For a love with a man is good, but the love with the Father is holy.”

Feeling an inner peace, the little girl began to nod off into sleep, her hand still grasping tightly to His.

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