Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zombies Perform Thriller in Market Square

Every Halloween, a parade of wowingly costumed people marches through old downtown Portsmouth.  Seriously, these costumes are ridiculous and meticulous!  I do not think I saw a single storebought outfit.  There were characters from every movie, story book, and youtube video you could think of.  I saw the Knights That Say "Ni," the Teacher from the Black Lagoon, Achmed the Dead Terrorist full-sized, the cranky critics from the Muppets, the boy from Where the Wild Things Are, smurfs, a family of pirates pulling their son in a homemade ship on a wagon, a man with shoes on his hands and gloves on his feet so he looked like he was walking on his hands, a band of aluminum foiled tin men clanking on tin lids and banging on cans in a really neat ditty along with a group of Wicked Witches of the West marching on stilts and hammering their long brooms into the ground on tempo saying "I'll get you my pretty" in an odd off beat.  I went with a lobster, a moose, and a ninja turtle.  I was a painter, but the only painting I did was the ninja turtle's face.  At the end of the parade, 50 zombies performed Thriller in Market Square!  The crowd was so dense that we could not see a thing.  I really wanted to watch though!  Then, I rembered that I am small.  So I crawled on the pavement amongst tattered jeans and striped panty hose without disturbing anyone till I reached the front of the crowd.  I poked my head between some knees and watched housemaid zombies, egyptian zombies, tuxedoed zombies... quite skillfully do the Thriller dance.  It was quite a site and it made me happy.

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