Friday, November 13, 2009

Temporarily Floridian

Florida is warm and humid.  Not that I expected it to be any different. Glad it's not hurricane season.
Jaguars football game last week. Woohoo.
Casting Crowns concert Thursday.  Man the lead singer is so genuine.  Some bands play for the sake of music and add lyrics; some bands write for the sake of lyrics and add music.  Casting Crowns is the latter.  I recommend scoping out their music videos on Youtube.  Esp. Slow Fade and American Dream.

Honky Tonk Friday.  Man, we were so eager to go country dancin!  Unfortunately most of the country this "honky tonk" played was rock-remixed.  And most of the dancers were square dancin. What is that?  If we were in College Station, they would have been booed off the floor.  I love A&M.  I requested some Aaron Watson and all was well.  Chris spun me all around the floor!  I am so glad he is a good dancer!
Today we hiked barefooted on a sandy path in a nature reserve.  weird plants.


Sabasue said...

Bummer on Thanksgiving. We will let ya'll know when we are down in Florida. We will probably be having an early Thanksgiving, because we are thinking that Brian will have to be back up here either on Thanksgiving day or the day after for duty. It would be sweet if ya'll could come down to St. Pete for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah!

Heather Paige Hunt said...

That'd be sweet. Thank you for the invite- Chris is going to have to work Mon-Wed though. So it is probably a nogo. :(

Sarah said...

well looks like we will just be there through this coming friday-monday. We will see though. last minute everything.