Friday, November 27, 2009

dog scares seagulls scare girl scares seagulls excites dog

Chris and I ran up and down a beach throwing the rugby ball back and forth.  After tiring ourselves out, we collapsed on the sand and I took a semi-nap on his tummy while he read about Andrew Jackson.  I got bored and went to dip my toes in the waves and sing to the ocean.  Things were wonderfully peaceful until a hilarious floppy-tongued puppy herded a flock of seagulls toward me.  This little chocolate lab bulted up out of nowhere and forced the sleepy birds to take off as quickly as they could; they fumbled on each other in the rush, which was hilariously awkward.  And they didn't notice that I was standing where they were aiming until they were in the air.  The mass avoidance of both girl and dog made the comotion even more awkward for the poor birds.  It was the silliest thing.  So they just went up and up and revealed me to the A.D.D. dog, who immediately wanted to meet me.  So I gave her some attention and she got me wetter than I already was, then I returned to my husband and the dog continuted to pursue the seagulls.

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