Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I leaned back and sighed to myself "aaaa last plane ride for 4 mos" and smiled. Then i realized that there's no one waiting for me this time. Thank God for the Kindstedts. I will be living in a house and sleeping in that bed tonight by myself. I leaned forward and teared up. "...wake me up when september ends..." (Green Day)
Chris gets back from sea September 30. September is my first month in New England by myself. What a phase this will be.
Heather, your life can be so romantic. You can be creative and elegant. Heather, what the heck does that mean?
-elegance moves slowly and wears snug gloves. Elegance is Audrey Hepburn when she is not quirky.
-creative is magazine clippings and ink everywhere.

September can be barefoot walks on Rye beach. Whale watching. Hiking in the White Mtns. September is summer's last wish.

October is children in green tights and navy striped sweaters. October is a Lands End catalog. It's pumpkin patches and school buses under falling leaves. It is pumpkin spiced lattes while the kids are at school.

Fall is October. Fall is my favorite.

November is cardboard cutouts of Precious Moments pilgrims.

December is all Christmas. If it weren't for Thanksgiving, December would start November 15th. Thank you Plymouth colony.

You know, I bet I was the last group of elem. kids whose teacher read "The Last Christmas Pageant Ever"aloud to them.


Stan and Julie Rhoden said...

Fall is my favorite as well! Especially October :)

Sabasue said...

Hey there strong independent woman in her own house. I am driving up to New Hampshire and will be there Monday night. I am leaving Wednesday night though, haha. I am just picking up some small munchkin child (my niece), but perhaps we could meet up for lunch here, there, or somewhere in between Manchester and Portsmouth.