Wednesday, August 15, 2007

this is an old journal entry

I read a quarter of shakespeare's Othello at a pub called The Eagle... "At present, I sit in a fireplace. A long sense heavily used fireplace- I fear that if I lean on the bricks it would turn my blouse black. The Eagle is a famous aviator's bar and in the back room, aviator's names are burned into the ceiling with lighters 'wild hare, 'dark harrone,' '159.' the floor is dry wood and cracks beneath my feet, but I am sitting on the hearth. The walls that are not uneven brick are dark cracked plaster between wooden beams not unlike the ones that HOLD UP the sagging ceiling. Small windows show it is twilight and the room feels almost candle lit. The place is filled with shouting people-mostly men but to me it is muffled because I am three sides enclosed. I feel like a hanging portrait looking out into the ruckus. A portrait of a curious girl with life and passion in her eyes. When they walk by me ,I hope they stop and look." then i drew a comparison to a Christopher Reeves movie, Somewhere in Time- go watch it if you want to- it is one of my favorite movies.

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