Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh I really miss junior high kids! I know that is radom. Allen Jenkins posted some old JUMMP pictures on facebook today and I flipped through them and Oh gosh I love those kids and I love that age group and don't get me wrong, I am so so happy to be in England- I am having a great time and learning so much here- but I am missing spending my summer with youth. Hey Mom and Carter, there are pictures of you on facebook- one of mom on a roof but she's in the background.
Laura Joost and I read a Max Lucado book together in June called "Cure for the Common Life" and it had quizzes throughout about where we serve God most effectively and joyously. I don't usually read selfhelp books but I learned quite a bit from this one. I LOVE youmg people. I love them I love them I love them. I am a leader to a degree but not a head honcho. So I wouldn't want to be a HS principal but I'll be a merry teacher and I wouldn't want to be a church youth director but I want to be very involved in my churches youth program as soon as possible. Sunday School, trip chaperone, mission trip helper, mentor and accountability group guide. I enjoyed working with S.O.S. 4thand5th grade girls and I liked Pine Cove Elementary kids, but Jr. High and early High School girls are my favorite. I hope I have some time to work at the Venue this semester. I missed JUMMP this summer.
I am definitely enjoying being in college ministries like the Wesley Foundation. But I am looking forward to getting involved in a big church's young graduated-real world persons ministry and then working with the youth in that church too. That will be so much fun. I want to do building projects and other mission work too. I hope I'll have time- I don't have much time right now. This semester is going to be insane!

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