Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wend with Me

You'll find that I am pretty open.  I am not here to impress you.  I like to say what you hope those sprucy subtle women are thinking because I type what I journal and I journal what I feel.  God did not make us to pretend, to compare, to hide or to wish.  He made us to be loved and known and to become.  I hope words here stir and strengthen you along the way.

I've heard that the most direct route from Point A to Point B is often a zigzag line.  If Point B is perfection, don't expect to arrive in this life.  I don't expect you to.
Wend- to go in a specified direction, typicaly slowly or by an indirect route. 
We do not "wander" aimlessly; we "wend" with purpose, pausing often to wade in the wonders of our Guide.  So whether you're a bride or a maiden, a mother or a mentor, steady or whimsical, rest here.  Wend with me on this wondrous winding way.

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