Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Who's Heather Paige?

A friend once said, "I didn't know you were a deep thinker; I always thought you were crazy."  

Indeed, I am awfully introspective to be so extroverted.  I write more by default than by nature.  See, there are visual learners, audio learners, kinesthetic learners... I am among the annoying few who learn by talking.  I realized at a young age that people didn't want to listen to me quite as much as I needed to talk, so I took up journaling as a means of processing my thoughts.  I have probably filled 100 journals in the past decade (I am 28). It's an addiction.
Sometimes I don't bother thinking when I don't have paper.  
Sometimes I hide under the sheets at night and type memos on my phone.  
Sometimes, when song lyrics strike me, I pull over the car and journal.  
Journal is a verb, did you know?  Much of what I relate here springs from my journals.

This blog has had many faces since 2007.  In my jitterbuggin', rock climbin', trail ridin' college days, I wrote primarily about travel and faith.  Then my baby ate my blog then my beloved job ate my blog then our transition to family-in-grad school life ate my blogging time.  Now, one state, another baby and two drastic haircuts later, I type up untethered observations on life from the perspective of a Christian married motherly frugal contemplative adventurous woman.

Our family of one large sporty nerd, a stay-at-home mom and two little loud people lives on the splendiferous income of a full time student, eating half-portions of meat, strutting second-hand garb, and savouring the small things, sprawled across a 130-year-old 650 sq ft walkup.  In accordance with our married life so far, we have no idea what comes next on life's itinerary, but we trust the Trip Planner.

When I married Christopher, He looked like this

Soon after finishing his 9 years of military service, he looked more like this

And halfway through graduate school, he looks a bit shabbier than this 

I love this curious, hilarious, hardworking, steadfast man.  As a young woman, I prayed that God would help me honor my future husband, so He gave me an honorable man.  For him and for our two kiddos, I am very thankful.  

In this blog, I will refer to our son (formerly Blue Eyes) as Linus.  My siblings named him Linus van Pelt in utero because he resembled a peanut... peanuts gang.  Yes, well I had quite forgotten that we had called him that until his little personality started to develop and I discovered that (apart from the iconic security blanket) this kid shares many traits with Schulz's famous character.  Both boys are analytical, cognitive, imaginative, and very nurturing guys- typical INFJs.  

My daughter, I will call Joy.  Joy is her middle name and she is afterall quite joyful.  

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CYRUS said...

nice,family...its been only a minute on your blog..n m loving ur writng..keep it up.