Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Mouthful of Crumbs

A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of iron
A quart of water is lighter than a gallon
Thirst is not quenched by watching one drink
Hunger is unchanged by reading a recipe
Joy is not taught; joy is not reached; joy is given in small doses

Indians threw overboard tea
Tea is ruined by tannins
Tea is ruined by tea
Tea was ruined by the sea

Bone makes the best china
China is not China.  China is china
Grace is not earned; grace is not  reached; grace is given in large doses

Milk comes from cows but not as from soy
Milk comes from almonds but not as from goats
Milk does not come from chickens

Boil an egg 8 minutes
Crack it like a lady with the head of a spoon
Crack not your biscuit
Crack not your knuckles
Arthritis comes from other things

No temptation has seized you that is not common
No man is not man
Every woman a woman

Men died 4 days before the war ended
Wind blows away the dandelion spores
Dandelions without spores are bare but not barren

A sheared lamb is naked and a dry pot is empty
Holey buckets are never full
Henry's straw is too long and his saw too dull
Holy hearts are full
Buckets are not holy
Even dogs eat crumbs that fall from their master's table

A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken
Do not put new wine in old wine skins
Do not sew new denim to old jeans
Liposuction is temporary
Do not quit without rehab
Do not tread on me
There is no rewind button
Wake me up come September

An ounce of giraffe looks different from an ounce of cobbler
A well of water is unlike another well of water
Thirst is not quenched by hearing one swallow
Hunger unchanged by cooking
Come to me that you may have life
Drink living water and never go thirsty
Eat my flesh or you have no part in me
Water  is not drawn; flesh is not reached; water is given in gulps; flesh is given in mouthfuls

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