Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Small World

Chris and I visited a little church in the little town of Mt. Vernon, TX last Sunday where my parents introduced us to their realtor.  Not far into the conversation, we made a discovery. 

Realtor: "Oh I was in New York City just last week.  Did you go to the Tim McGraw concert for service members?"
Chris: "Yes.  We were there!"
Realtor: "We went to.  We sat stage right in the Orchestra section."
Chris:"So did we." 
Realtor: "There was this adorable young couple country western dancing in the aisle near us."
Chris: "That was us!" 
Realtor: "Oh my.  My friend talked to the girl.  That was you?"
Heather: "You're friend is from Dallas, has short gray hair and glasses and was wearing a long brown vest and skirt?" 
Realtor: "Yes that is Judy!  I was sitting next to her!" 
Heather: "Yep.  I talked to your friend!  You were watching us dance." 

How random is that?  Haha.
The "adorable young couple"

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