Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Thousand Gifts Continued

In January and March, I posted lists of little things I am thankful for as Ann Voskamp did in her best selling book, "One Thousand Gifts."

Mrs. Masalin's list:
A double yolk
Popcorn popping on stove top
Heavy branches of snowy evergreens
Smell of rain on hot tar street

More from me:
29. Porch-grown tomato
30. Old men with British accents
31. Narrow cobblestone lanes
32. Watermelon seeds
33. Raining while sunny
34. Stolen sip of crisp Riesling
35. Manhattan in spring
36. Boston in fall
37. White monuments pink in sunset
38. Dandelions growing stubborn in schoolyard
39. Flying low over downtown at night
40. Pride and Prejudice
41. Gruene Hall

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Michelle said...

love this :)