Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Re: Email to Mrs. Masalin

Momma Maz,

Thank you!  Things are going well. I was saying to ppl at church on Sunday, "Good morning, I hope I don't see you next week!"  This is one of the only times in life it's okay to say that to someone.  haha. 
Last night, Chris and I both slept like rocks, which was good bc the night before that was terrible.  We only slept 2 hrs or so, I think.  I was thinking gosh body just go into labor already then around 2am I thought "No wait.  I haven't slept since 8am.  Body, please don't go into labor until after I have rested."
I keep hoping he'll come early, but my dad said, "Heather, you haven't been early for anything in your life.  What makes you think you'll start now?"  Neither has Chris for that matter, so our offspring will be the worst I am sure...

The hopefully soon-to-not-be-pregnant lady

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