Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4 of

being a stay-at-home mom.  I'm struggling to find time to do the dishes much less write.  Who ever thought that such a little person could require so much work?  No wonder nanny's are so well paid.  I'm loving this new job so far!  I told Chris yesterday- well, I wasn't talking to Chris, I was talking to the baby in earshot of Chris- "I'm so glad Daddy supports me staying home with you.  (in that voice that people talk to babies in) If he didn't, I would have to get up every morning and drop you off with a stranger then go to work all day and I would just cry and cry.  I would just cry all day just like you do until I got to come pick you up." 
 We think he has Chris' brow and nose and my jaw/chin.  This is the pursed lips face.  He makes also the grumpy furrowed brow face and the Disney's baby Tarzan face from 1:16 of this video.  Of course, there is the starting to cry face and the REALLY crying face (which makes me afraid he is going to pass out from lack of air) and the "I'm calming myself down O O O O" face, which is really cute.  I will try to catch it on video. 
Here are the parents, the maternal grandparents, an auntie and the uncle.  Ah!  I'm a parent!  This is crazy.  We just needs some pictures with his paternal grandparents and aunt now.  :)

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