Saturday, April 9, 2011

Linus and Leeks

Laura Joost: How are you and Linus doing?

Me: We're quite well! Chris teases me about my "little belly" growing, but he really thinks I'm cute. Side effects of pregnancy are quite random. Ex: I have never dropped so many things in my life. Nor spilled so many liquids (mostly from missing when pouring. I've wasted so much milk and tea and chopping vegetables has turned into a squats workout). I had been getting so frustrated with myself then i read that "pregnant women tend to drop things." Really?

Speaking of chopped vegetables droppings, I discovered leeks today. I made leek and thinly sliced mushroom soup in chicken broth. How have I gone my whole life without leeks? Laura, was this soup actually amazing or is this another one of those weird pregnancy food things? Chris argues the latter.

Laura confirmed that leek soup is truly good. :) I'm glad.


Laura said...

Haha :) Thanks for the culinary cred.

My mom has an amazing recipe for Potato-Leek Soup I will email to you soon...

Do you think the expression "There's no use crying over spilled milk" came from a husband or friend trying to comfort an emotional and slightly clumsy pregnant woman?

Heather Paige said...

Haha! That is quite possibly where that saying came from. :)
Yes pls do went the recipe! Thankya!