Monday, April 4, 2011

I felt movement this morning

I jumped out of bed quickly because I poured my bedside glass of water on myself. Smart. After changing shirts and switching to the dryer side of the bed to cozy back in for my morning reading, Linus (My family jokingly named the baby Linus and now Chris has joined in. He comes home from work each day, "How's my little wife? And how's little baby Linus?" No that will not be his/her name.) anyway, Linus did not cozy back in so quickly. I had read that slim women tend to feel their baby move earlier in the pregnancy than other women, but I did not expect to feel anything for a few more weeks. It felt I felt like a jar probably feels when moths are trapped inside it. Moths or small hyper frogs.
I have heard about a t-shirt that says, "I make people" across the front. I want it.

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Heather Paige said...

Okay so since I have not felt any movement since then... I'm thinking I was mistaken. I'm looking forward to when I do feel some though!