Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rando comments on my blogo:

Comments of this sort appear on my blog posts quite regularly. I assume they are mass dispersed to various blogs, but why is it written in this manner? Perhaps they writer is trying to mask an advertisement a normal post... but the ad part of it is not very clear and it definitely doesn't incline me to look it up. Waste of the wierdo's time.

"Mature Excellent post, after reading several articles on the subject realized that everything did not look on the other hand, a post once very interested. So engrossed that I missed a football Interestingly, and cognitive, and will have something on this subject? Exl how old dupe! Classroom paper, by the way the author would like to offer yandeks.deneg chip set from the site, "Give the ruble." I would give, so to speak on the maintenance. Oh, thank you. very nice, so we would have done so Accidentally saw. Not expect."

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