Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conversation with Mom


So I attended a women's Bible study group that meets every Monday morning- its pretty much a group for stay at home moms, so naturally they bring their kids. Chris asked me how it went and I acted it out for him:
"So how has your week been? Honey, share the ball. My week's been good Tim has been in Uganda and oh sweetie we'll read the book later. And I'm excited to hear about his trip with he gets home. Babe, give him a turn on the cart. I know you're hungry we'll eat lunch in a little while. What did you think of the sermon? Oh Knox don't touch that; play with this instead..." ha.

Mom's response:

That's funny and so true. Only women can multitask like that and keep up with a conversation -- a man wouldn't even try!
Your dad and I were playing golf with another couple one time. And you know how men are so picky about having complete quiet when they address the ball so it doesn't disturb their shot. And women couldn't care less about that. They can stand on the tee or the green and carry on a conversation while they are actually hitting the ball. I always thought that came from having kids with you all the time and having to think about more things at the same time.

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Matt & Tirzah said...

Ah so true. At least mine can still be held so I just watch the chaos from the other side of the room. :-)