Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Autumn Is Still My Favorite

Warm nutella in a delicate crepe leaves little to be desired.  Especially when eaten in a 17th century structure next door to the Chateau Frontenac in the fortified city of Quebec on a crisp October day.

On our first official family vacation, we visited Upstate New York, Vermont and Canada.  Walking (and driving) through Francophone Quebec, we felt like we had hopped the Atlantic.  French dominates all signs and tongues and the fortified city is comparable to a true French village with its steep stone streets that wind between charming historic inns, shops and restaurants. 

And, truly, is there a better day of the year than October 13 to drive between the Adirondacks and the finger lakes?  Wow!  The oranges were brilliant, the reds valiant and the yellows literally neon.  Lakes George and Champlain were so still that we parked at overlooks just to listen to the quiet.

I feel refreshed. 

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