Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

In January, I posted a list of little things I am thankful for as Ann Voskamp did in her best selling book, "One Thousand Gifts"

I promised to add to my list:
14. Stained cookbook pages
15. Salon hair washes
16. Sweatshirt just out of dryer
17. Snow on beach
18. Popping packing bubbles
19. Geese high overhead and loud
20. New England in autumn
21. 18th-century stone fences in Connecticut
22. Rooster strutting free
23. First footprints in snowy field
22. Paper snowflakes taped in neighborhood windows
24. Homemade winter hats
25. Fast, clear-toned fiddle
26. Andes chocolate mint on hotel room pillow
27. San Antonio's River Walk on December night
28. Sara Groves and Jars of Clay lyrics

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