Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reasons for Inquiry

Jeremiah 10:21 says, "The shepherds are senseless and do not inquire of the Lord; so they do not prosper and all their flocks are scattered."  Several proverbs warn about such consequences, but Jeremiah gives a specific example. 
If we do not inquire of the Lord, we are considered "senseless."  Rom 9:16 and a proverb (that I can't find right now) says that it is not by man's efforts but by God's mercy that a man prospers.  If we try to do it on our own, "our flocks will scatter" aka our purpose will not be fulfilled.
Proverbs also says again and again not to be discouraged when the wicked prosper.  I never really understood why God would let them prosper, but you know, they may be prospering in the world's eyes but not in the Lord's eyes.  For instance, if Jeremiah's shepherds are sitting there picking their toenails while their sheep are scattering, they may get really good and toenail picking, but not good at shepherding. 
Now I am afraid not only that I wont prosper, but that I will think I am prospering when I am not.  (I am not talking about accumulation of wealth= prosperity.  That is not biblical.  I am talking about giving love and justice to as many people as possible so that "His will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Lord, teach us how to pray.  Matthew 6 and A Praying Life.

Read this little illustration.  So well put:


saintclaire said...

very interesting from claire

Heather Paige said...

Found it. It's proverb 16:9