Monday, January 23, 2012

"What is that?"

I’m looking forward to the “What is that?” questions.  Mom, what is that?  This is butter.  We can make some out of heavy cream sometime.  Where does cream come from?  From cows that go "Moo Moo."  I’m using the butter to grease my skillet so that my eggs don’t stick.  What’s an egg?  This is an egg; it comes out of a chicken.  What is a chicken?  Chickens are fat birds that can’t fly and go “Clucka!”  Here’s how you crack an egg.  You try the next one.  Look at all the ooze ooze out.  Doesn’t it look like snot?!  Watch it slosh in the skillet.  Now we can watch how the fire cooks the egg.  Mom, why do we have snot? 

Right now we are still at questioning eyes, “Mom, why can’t I roll over?!”


Brandi said...

LOL cute post!!

Kelline said...

I know right? What an awesome journey to be a mother!! Just wait until you reach grandmother velocity!! Awesome to the max!!