Sunday, May 22, 2011

Only People Matter

Many pursue wealth & ownership, dream jobs & experiences. But no one grieves over losing money in the stock market or missing a job promotion. No one's heart aches over a low score on a standardized test or a canceled plane ticket. The only thing that matters is people. And love.

This is evidence of the image of God in the human heart. Even for those who do not believe that he created us in His own image, it is true. Throughout the Bible, as God's character is revealed, this chief attribute is evident in his words, actions, sacrifices, grace & provision. God loves people. We are all He cares about. No other object or issue trumps his constant love for people.

Our hearts are the same, although our lifestyles do not always reflect that love. He blesses us with precepts & commandments to remind us. He instructs us over and over on where our focus & efforts should lie. Everything else is meaningless and frivolous. We are made to love our neighbors and to embrace our families and to serve one another. Only people matter.

Our dear friend, Levi Masalin, and his cousin, James Austin, were killed in a motorcycle accident this afternoon.

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