Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chris, I think we took the long way from Indiana to Charleston

I woke Tues morning with no inclination that I would wake the next morning halfway through a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Only two mornings previous, I woke in a small Indiana town: Thurs/Fri- 13 hrs from NYC to IN + Sun- 13 hrs IN to NYC + Tues/Wed- 12 hrs NYC to SC= 38 hrs of driving in 1 week. Whew! We thought the drive would be a cinch, since we drove from Maine to Florida last year for military reasons. Nope. 12 hrs is not as bad as 20 hrs, but we are exhausted.
As for Charleston, it's enchanting!!

I collected 20 brochures of historic homes, plantations, museums, beaches, and markets to visit in all the free time I'll have while Chris is in class.

Yesterday I was scraping snow off my car and today I walked through downtown Charleston with my jean legs rolled up.

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