Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6:55AM. I went hiking in pajama pants and dress shoes.

I accidentally found a lakeside hiking trail when I got lost on my way home from our friend's apt, where Chris and I crashed after attending a military event aboard the Intrepid in Manhattan. (hence the dress shoes... and the pajamas).
Despite the weird looks some joggers gave me, I really enjoyed my hike! I walked across a stone bridge then alongside a still lake that reflected two tree covered hills. AKA the water was yellow and orange! One particular family of yell low trees looked like they had all caught a contagious cold and sneezed leaves everywhere. Yellow covered the path, the water and the rocks in between. I love autumn and I am lamenting its pending ending.

Oh and the Intrepid- that was quite interesting and fun. The staff turned the information desk into a bar and played Academy football footage on the wall while lieutenants and generals in service dress socialized on the deck of the famous aircraft carrier.


Gail said...

This sounds so "you"! HaHa!! Chris will have so much fun being married to you! :) By the way, where was he while you went hiking?

Heather Paige said...

hehe he was at work. We spent the night at his buddy Joe's place. So he carpooled to the sector with him and I drove home. Or tried to drive home rather. ha. I hope he has fun with me. :) I have fun with him.