Wednesday, May 12, 2010

to sit down

Chris brought up an interesting point tonight when I almost fell in the toilet (ya slightly personal, but it supports my metaphor). He left the seat up again and I just sat down expecting to land on the seat. Since I am "very small (in his french accent)," I really did almost fall right in. He said, "Why is it that we as Christians do not always put full trust in God even though He proves trustworthy time and time again? Yet we trust without hesitation that when we sit in a chair it is going to hold us." Even when we sit in a chair with a big hole in it, we don't look before we sit.
I'm reading Romans 5 right now. It talks about the sin of Adam spreading through all men. What was Adam's sin? At the root, it was a lack of faith. That is the root from which all sin springs. We know how God tells us to live, but we do not do it. We read His precepts, but we do not obey them. Why else other than we do not believe Him? He says, THIS will bring you joy. THIS will bring you contentment. This lifestyle will shower you with blessings. Yes, God will choose to bless us in cool and unexpected ways, but many of his blessings are direct consequences of our choices. If we trust Him and live the way He tells us to live, we will lived blessed lives. In the same way, most negative consequences natural come down from not so good, unfaithful, unbelieving, self-centered choices. I remember once when my friend, Laura, talked about how it must break God's heart when we choose frivolous and damaging worldly things over His plan and advice because we think it will make us happy. It must disappoint Him when we choose to trust and follow a lie over the truth that He has freely given to us.

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