Monday, April 12, 2010

It's snowing white petals in the streets of Manhattan

I rode the Fung Wah bus into Chinatown and stayed with Brian Stout in his "cozy little money-sucking fire hazard" (Manhattan Apt.). Every tree-lined sidewalk in the city was bursting with bright white. Whenever a wind blew, tiny petals fell into my hair and fallen petals swirled upward into my skirt. Chris' ship pulled into port there a few days later. After the conclusion of my house hunting ventures, we decided to enjoy the spring time. :) So, in a motley group of 7 random people, we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden- a pocket of pink and white and multitudinous shades of green in the middle of New York. Oh wow- I have never seen so many blossoms at once. From a distance, the Cherry Blossoms look like cotton candy trees, but close up they look like tiny explosions of fine silk. The petals are so many and so delicate and the flowers look so fragile. We wondered around the promenade a while then admired the magnolias and daffodils and tulips and banzai trees (those are the weirdest things I've ever seen).
One of the seven random people knew another random person who knew of a hole in the wall mexican eatery nearby. The one-red walled-room restaurant was tiny and created quite the atmosphere. The menu was quite different from any texmex menu I've ever seen. Ex: I had a pork and pineapple taco. We talked and talked then migrated to the Brooklyn Museum, where many sunned themselves on the steps while Chris and I scoped the exhibit. A dog was quite entertained by the pattern fountain and all the sunners were very entertained by the entertained dog. His mission was to catch the water spouts before they spouted. He ran back and forth attacking H2O. haha!
The date ended and the group dispersed sending Chris, Brian, and I to Union Square Park to see art sales. So far, I like New York.

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