Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clustered crystals of that wintery white stuff

It’s 6AM. When I woke to the site out the window, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” came on immediately, like a needle had been lifted and set on the Bing Crosby record in my head. It looked as though Ledyard, Connecticut was being sprinkled with sugar: yards, trees, roofs, cars, and roads- all were covered in a tremendous layer of the finest sugar that I had ever seen. I think it was the snow plow that awoke me. But I am glad for it. It was such a wonderland outside and I decided to go walking in it. I recovered my denim, donned a warm shirt and jacket, and borrowed some men’s boots then trekked out the back door. The snow crunched beneath my soles as I made my way to the stacked stone wall that lines the Masalin’s property. Beyond the old fence is a marvelous slope which peaks near their land then rolls downward until it fades into trees a few acres away. In the summer, the lushness of the meadow is lovely and in fall the brilliance of its colors is stammering. On this December morning, the trickling snow forbade me see too far, but I did witness it in its most dazzling state yet. The sky was as white as the ground, distinguishable only by an icy branched divider. Some branches appeared limp with the weight of the clustered crystals while others bore the burden well. I hope I can be the latter tree when my trials come.


Gail said...

I love the way you describe it. That's the way I remember the first snowfalls when I lived up North. It's so beautiful! I miss it.

Have fun with the Masalins-they're great!!

Heather Paige Hunt said...

Thank you.

You lived in Rochester NY, right?

I am staying with the masalins til friday! It's funny. the snow melted today. ha. So now I get to have a second first snow. haha

Gail said...

We only lived there for one year. I mostly lived in Detroit MI and Pittsburgh PA. We moved down south after highschool. I have a lot of good memories. :)