Friday, June 26, 2009

Girl Wakes Up to Light House Horn Instead of Train Whistles

It is wierd. My family moved 9 times and I think 7 of those 9 homes where next to RR tracks. I can sleep through train whistles better than anyone I am quite sure. But now I wake up to- what is this? A light house horn?! And I am growing accustomed to hearing boat whistles throughout the day. That and the siren that means the bridge next to my house is raising or lowering to let a boat pass under. Guys, my house is right on the harbor! I can see it through the trees from the front yard and the back! Delight. I have never experienced anything like this before.
Yesterday, a sweet sweet and quite funny lady from church took me out for fish and chips and beach strolling. It was wonderful! And we drove up and down the coast and just talked about life and faith and New England weather. Tonight, Chris and I are going down to Hampton beach to see the sand sculptures and then we are going to an outdoor musical at Prescott Park! It is a grassy theater on Strawbery Bank, the old part of town where the 400 year-old house/museums are! It is called Strawbery Bank because of all the wild strawberries that grew there, why they misspell it, I don't know. Anyway, we are taking a picnic basket and sitting on a blanket to watch Grease! Wait, I don't have a basket- maybe it'll be a shopping bag. I have a pot shortage wihch is super fun for cooking. I have a small skillet for eggs and one piece of meat at a time and I have one pot. So I have a system now: make the pasta while cooking the meat, strain pasta and store in collinder (try to keep warm by keeping in microwave), quickly clean pot, add and cook beans... haha. not bad.

So, cooking hasn't been as big of a nightmare as I feared it would be. I married a big man and he eats a lot of food. ha and he has complimented me so far.
Dinner 1: LemonGarlic Chicken with greens and penne pasta
Dinner 2: Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, corn
Lunch: Left over chicken- grilled and tossed with lettuce, croutons, and ranch dressing (from a packet, not a bottle =way better) served with red grapes and apple slices
Dinner 3: Sliders! mini cheeseburgers and tots! So fun oh so fun.
Lovely Laura made me an AMAZING cook book!! It is amazing and it is homemade and it is beautiful and it makes me very happy and she is beautiful and she brings me much joy and i love her. It will arrive here on monday with the Uhaul trailor and it will be splendidly helpful.
This man is amazing. He is so giving. He thinks of me first and that makes me feel so good. Dang, how did I snag this one?
Now for grocery shopping. Coupons! bye.

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