Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris and Heather

I know this is a little late in coming. With the super-busy first year of teaching, I have been out of the swing of blogging.

The not-quite-so-new-news-that-you-may-already-know is that I am engaged to the most wonderful man that I have ever met. I know, crazy, you meet the man of you dreams and he likes you back. How often does that happen?

Yes he is a Texan. He is in the Coast Guard and is currently stationed in Maine. He is an amazing man of faith; He is pretty much a hoss; he's incredibly smart; and he is stinkin hilarious.

Here's the dang quick run down:

We met in December at a wedding (I was a bridesmaid).
He took me dancing two weeks later.
He took me to lunch the next day.
He invited me to New York for New Years. I went.
He held my hand in Times Square, asked me to be his girl at Bryans, and kissed me at the airport.
We spent his January sea patrol emailing and realizing that we are meant for each other.
He surprise-visited me in Dallas and told me he loved me.
I visited him in Maine mid-February and he accidentally proposed.
I went back to Maine and we went duplex hunting. Found one.
Now we are getting married June 12 here in Dallas and then making a honeymoon out of driving my jetta to our new home in Maine.

That's 6 months from meet to marriage. 2 months of dating.
4 month engagement.

He goes out to sea again in August so be expecting a lot of blogging bout Maine life.


sabasue said...

SO, I am a stalker of your blog now. Hope that is okay. Hope things are going lovely. I am sure you miss that fella of yours.

-Sarah soon to be Dykens

heatherpaige said...

:). Thankya dear. I look forward to your comments & marvelous convos. Tell me your to-hubby's sched so that we can talk on the phone while our men are out/ we are lonely. haha.

sabasue said...

so far i know that he is going to be out July-October. After that I am not sure, but he will be gone for a little over 3 months starting out. i would love someone to chat with during my lonesome times.