Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Copy. Paste. Note about men and women to Chris. What are ya'll thoughts? Men? Women?

"Yes, I am about to go to bed. yay. What I said earlier about what I've learned from talking with other women, particularly with married women, is that men like to fix things- if there is something wrong, they want to make it better and get rid of the problem. Well that makes sense doesn't it- ha. Well, women, unfortunately don't make sense- and there is a common misunderstanding that often drives both genders crazy. that is that alot of the time, women would rather voice their feelings and troubles and then just be comforted than actually fix what's troubling them. I know- no sense. I hear it makes men a little crazy and that it also makes women a little crazy because they don't feel like they are being listened to. now, I think that you listen really well- thank you for that. I almost laughed at myself tonight when I discovered that what those women had said was true. As you tried to tell me ways that I could ameliorate the problem, I found myself a little annoyed because apparently (i think this was happening in my subconscious) i was not telling you in hopes that it would go away- i just wanted to talk about it. I really do appreciate you wanting to take care of me and wanting to help make hard things easier. So I am far from asking you not to do that (not that i think that you would anyway because that response is just as natural to you as talking about flippineverything that passes through my head is to me.) I think that if I were with you tonight instead of on the phone, it would have been one of those times that I would cry and then want to be hugged and you’d end up getting your shirt wet for bout 10 minutes and then once I was done crying on you, I would get over it and get my stuff done. Haha. Okay Chris- I just thought that we would be able to communicate better in the future if we better understood how the other communicates. Haha. When you help me while I’m upset, I know that that translates into “I love you and I want to take care of you” and I hope that you know that me coming to you for comfort when I am upset and need an ear translates into “I love you and I need you to take care of me" as well. What are your thoughts?

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